Start-Up Farms

Grow your passion – and your farming business

Use your experience, passion and growing knowledge to start up your farm in BC. FarmableNow will help you work your way through starting a farm up:

  1. Learn about the Fraser Valley land and how to grow with it.
  2. Plan out your business on your own or with other professionals.
  3. Learn and keep up with climate and environment resources, so you know what to expect each season.
  4. Talk to other South Fraser farmers in the farming community and learn, learn, learn. And share some of your skills while you’re at it!

Start-Up Farms in the Fraser Valley

Farming is a career and lifestyle that’s growing in popularity. There are many resources from regions like the Fraser Valley and also from the Province of BC.  Every single small farmer in BC had to start somewhere – and most started with resources provided by other farmers, local farming business support with some good old government document reviews.

You aren’t in this alone. Meet other farmers in the Fraser Valley and get the peace of mind that comes with hearing others’ experiences.


Start your South Fraser farm now