Business Planning

Begin your business plan by setting goals and creating an action plan.


Farm Finance

Review what you need to factor in when deciding how to finance your farm.


Farm Workers

Learn your options for hiring workers for your Fraser Valley farm.


Promoting Your Products

Target your market and sell your farm product.


Modern Farming

What do we mean when we talk about technology in farming?


Planning Your Farm Business 

Business planning will help you describe in detail how your business is going to be successful. Your business plan will include:

  • how you’ll operate your farm
  • how much you’ll be spending on your business
  • how much revenue you’re expected to gain, and
  • how you will market and sell your produce

With creating a business plan, you’ll be able to turn your ideas into a profitable business, gain financing from lenders or attract investors, while identifying your strength and opportunities will overcome weaknesses and threats to your business. Once you have a clear business plan, you’ll be able to have a better idea of what type of land you should be leasing to start your business!


Learn more about what you need for your business plan